Getting the most from your flowers and plants comes from knowing how to take care of them after their arrival. Below are a few tips and tricks we have found to be most effective at getting the most of your botanicals.


Hand Tied

Cut cello water bubble over sink, keeping all wrapping on to frame the flowers. If the stems need to be shortened re cut at an acute angle.

Put flower food in vase of water and pop hand tied in . Change water in few days, and set vase in a cooler place in the room.


Keep the flowers in the oasis foam block. Check that the foam is moist on arrival. Add water every two to three days or when foam is dry.



Keep your plant at room temperature.

Keep soil moist but avoid over-watering. Water when soil is obviously drying out.

Plants need more water during spring and summer.

Water from above and place a saucer underneath to catch excess water.

Allow newly potted plants a few weeks to adjust to their new environment before watering

Remove dying flowers and yellowing leaves periodically.